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So for those that are asking me new request or are wondering when i will re-open them, you can expect me to re-open them around August, September or October, the reason it will take a while before i reopen them is that, by the time of this writting i have like 44 requests (commissions included) pending, so considering i do colored artwork and i have to trace every single sketch i made on paper with Paint Sai Lineart tool, (and i dont have a tablet, i have to do everything with my mouse, so i mostly only can do 1 to 2 drawings per day.) you can see that it takes me alot of time to do these and i tend to be tired by the end, so i really wanna take a little break once i finish with most of the work i have pending and i also wanna work on some of my own ideas, as i have tons, but tons of ideas of my own that i really wanna do, but i had to put them on hold in order to focus on the ideas you guys have been sending me. so i hope you guys understand why i wont be accepting new requests until then, BUT commissions will remain open, so if you have points you commission me your ideas (as long i like them and its something i would like to draw)

UPDATE: I also decided to put Point Commissions on hold, because it means adding more work to my already crowed artwork schedule, however point commissions will re-open much earlier than requests, so you can expect me to start accepting more point commissions by Late-May or June, after i had taken my little break.

In the meantime, if you are interested in voice acting, make sure to audition for my Transformers and Marvel stop motion crossovers.

Send me your auditions on the following links……………
Just something i had in mind for a while that i wanted to ask you guys, if both MLP:FIM (equestria girls included) and Loud House were not family friendly, but instead were aimed at a more older audience, what kind of topics you would've liked to see them tackle that would be hard to pull off with the shows being Family-Friendly?.

For example, lets say an MLP character had an extremenly abusive childhood that would be too dark for the current show or one loud house episode dealt with underage drinking.

PS: If anybody wondering, Requests are still on hold, just wanted to let you know that.

PS 2: Got 600 watchers yay!
So yeah here's the thing, so this month and the next month or 2 i will mainly focusing on just doing the many requests i've gotten in the last few months, but i know that once i post them i will be filled with many more requests, and i am already overworked with the ones i will do really soon, plus there are some ideas of mine that i really want to post, so i am going to put requests on hold, UNTIL i have finished all of the requests i have pending right now. But Commissions will remain open, so if you have points, then feel free to commission me. Also i am open for Art Trades and collaborations, but requests will remain on hold. Hope you guys understand. :)

UPDATE: Wow, not counting the ones i just posted i realized i have like  47 requests/commisions to do, i will be pretty busy in the coming days for sure.

On other topic, if you like voice acting or are interested in voice acting, then make sure to audition for my Transformers stop motion series.

Send me your auditions on the following links……………

Send me your auditions on the following links……………

Also if you know people interested in voice acting, share them this journal so they can try out aswell.
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Send me your auditions on the following links……………

Also if you know people interested in voice acting, share them this journal so they can try out aswell.
So today i lost one of my two Chihuahuas, her name was Peqe (short of Pequeño/a, which is spanish for Little), we dont know the cause of death, but her health started declining a week ago, as she started to lose her balance and she stopped eating, today she was unable to walk with her back legs, thankfully she didnt died alone and died peacefully, as my mother cuddled her as my dog peacefully died.

She was 7 years old, i would've wished if she had lived the standard life cycle of a chihuahua, but i am in peace, because i can accept death bit easy because i know even if she's not longer here, i know her soul is in heaven and that one day i will see her again, she's is not gone, she's just in another place where i will be one day, i thank god for letting me have her for 7 years and i hope she's happy in heaven and hopefully reunite one day.

I will be making an tribute artwork with my MLP OC Curly Fries and his dog, as my chihuahua served as the inspiration for Curly's dog, who i've yet have to introduce, maybe its time to introduce Curly's dog.
I just saw this tag game over here OC InterviewI normally don't have the time to do these and don't like to bug my friends with tags, but I figured let's have a little fun.
Tagged by :iconwalker-ironheart:
1. Choose one of your OC's
2. Your OC SHOULD NOT lie.
3. Journal title OC Interview.
4. When you're done start tagging prople As many as ya want.
5. Have fun.
1. What is you real name and Nickname?
My parents named me Lightning Bliss, but a lot of my friends call me Blissy, or Miss Bliss. There are also those annoying nicknames like Skittles or Short Stack, but I won't go into that...
2. Ok... What's you current age?
I'm 30yrs old, which alot of ponies don't seem to believe...
3. Uh huh. Whats your favorite food?
I like all kinds of food so it's hard to name any, Mexican probably would be my favorite theme, Queso dip especially! Anything spicy is up my alley, but anything sweet and good luck stopping me!
4. And your favorite drink?
Chocolate milk! No... Chocolate malt or milkshake!
5. Confession time. Who's your lover?
, so i decided to give it a shot.

1. Choose one of your OC's
2. Your OC SHOULD NOT lie.
3. Journal title OC Interview.
4. When you're done start tagging prople As many as ya want.
5. Have fun.

1. What is you real name and Nickname?
My name is Curly Fries annd...i dont really have a nickname, at least not yet.

2. Ok... What's you current age?
I think i may be 20 something. i dont really remember the year i was born, but i do know the month and day.

3. Uh huh. Whats your favorite food?
Pizzas and Hayburgers with Meat, yeah i like meat!.

4. And your favorite drink?
I like Cola's!. Yay Cola's!

5. Confession time. Who's your lover?
I am single

6. Have you ever kissed anyone?
Does kissing the dog on the forehead counts?

7. What about you childhood sweetheart?
I didnt had any......

8. Who's you favorite author?
I havent read that many books, so i cant say if i have any.

9. Now, What is you biggest fear?
Being alone for the rest of my life.

10. Any Siblings?
Not that i know of......

11. Ok only 10 more questions. Who's your hero.
I dont have any at the moment...

12. Ok who is your worst enemy?
I think fate itself or my life hates me.....

13. Who's your best friend?
My dog!

14. What would do if you met your creator?
I will have him tons of questions i want awnsered.

15. What do you want to be when you grow up?
I am already an yougn adult and havent done anything worth. expect conning and scamming ponies something i am not proud off, but i need to survive in the streets!!..........*sigh*

16. What's your worst nightmare?
Like i mentioned before, being alone forever.

17. What's your lifelong dream?
To have an family and stop conning and scamming ponies

18. What would you do if your liflong dream came true?
I will be one of the happiest ponies you will see out there!.

19. Where's your favorite place to relax?
Sitting on a tree on the top of a hill and watch the scenery.

20. Aaand we're done. Tag someponies.

Not tagging anyone, but if you have an Pony OC, feel free to take this tag yourself, its a great way to let people know a bit more about your OC.
in case you havent followed me in recent months you may know that my the power source of my PC died out, thus i have been unable to work on new artwork and had to use my mom PC to be able to keep in touch with many here, but i just a newpower source, so my PC lives, so now i can continue posting new artwork, but yeah i wont be posting any right now as i am kinda busy with my stop motion projects for youtube, but at least now i can continue posting artwork eventually
I was tagged by :iconthedreamvista:

so here are the questions

1. What are you looking forward to see or do? (Like upcoming movies)
To Do; Work on my stop motions and photo comics.
To See: Transformers, MLP, Loud House, Spongebob, any upcoming marvel related movie or show, etc

2. What are your favorite YouTubers?
There are so many... like SuperMarioLogan, Richalvarez, optibotimus and so on

3. What is your dream to become in he future?
Either work on movies/TV or be a Paleontologist

4. If you have a favorite fictional or non-fictional character that you wanted to be, who would it be?
Not really, i am fine being me, if anything i just would like to get inside their worlds to meet certain characters

5. What are some famous people do you want to see and meet? (or again)
*Gets a very long list*

6. Have you ever played any computer games along time ago? (or still do) If so, would you named it if you can?
There are so many, i've played mostly Dinosaur related games on my PC, the best example would be Jurassic Park: Operation Genesis and other PC related JP games

7. You got any celebrity or character crushes?

8. What are your favorite subjects in school?

9. What Classic Disney movies should they deserve to get a L.A. remake?
I want Tarzan and the Little Mermaid

10. Are there the movies or shows that you actually liked, but others hated?
Agents of SHIELD, Spider-Man 3, Jurassic Park 3, x-Men: The Last Stand, Batman v Superman, X-Men Origins: Wolverine, Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen, Transformers: Dark of the Moon, Transformers: Age of Extinction Cars, Cars 2, among others.

11. Should there be Creepypasta-based films that should be on Netflix, HBO, or theaters?
Not into Creepypasta

12. Which sides are you in? (Even if one of them has been defeated) Captain America or Iron Man? (Marvel) Batman or Superman? (DC)
Cap and Supes

13. What are the places that you would like to visit or live?

i tag no one has i have no questions in mind
So yeah for the time being i have no PC, (i am on my parents laptop), so if you see a slight on inactivity from me, you know why now, so dont expect any new artwork from me for the time being
Happy bday to me! lol
got taggeed by :iconyesimdeadpool:

1. Pizza, yay or nay?

2. Favorite video game composer?

3. You into Deadpool?
Marvel Gif  Deadpool Yes!

4. Are you having a birthday soon?
In 2 weeks,

5. What is your ideal job?

6. Favorite show from the 90s?
there are so many i loved

7. Have your own house?
Um no

8. Watch a lot of YouTube?

9. What animal is most like you?

10. Like car racing?
not my thing

11. Least favorite day of the week?
none , everyday the same for me

12. Something that really annoys you?
Voice actors that are doing lines for my stop motion projects not responding to my emails.

13. Any pets?
2 dogs and a turtle

I tag no one
this is not a chain mail or anything like that, this is an true warning
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